missed Classes

Missed classes may be made up within two weeks of the absence. After two weeks, that class is forfeited. Please call or email to schedule a make-up class.  Holiday closures are not eligible for make-up.

taking a break or changes to billing cycle

Membership hiatus (taking a break) occurs when a postponement of billing date is requested for any reason. This results in a deactivation of membership. Reactivation of membership will incur a reactivation fee of $50. Membership rate will be reset to that currently posted on our website. Class scheduling will also be subject to current availability. 

rules at Manakoa Gym

  1. Athletes may walk on to the floor and use the equipment ONLY when directed by a Manakoa Gym instructor.
  2. Gymnasts will workout barefoot. 
  3. Food or liquids are only permitted outside by the benches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to class? 

A bottle of water and a hand towel if desired.

How should my hair be worn to class?

Long hair should be pulled back into a pony tail or bun.

What should be worn to class?

Form fitting shorts and tank tops are recommended for adults.  Leotards and shorts are recommended for girls.  For boys, it is recommended they wear shorts and a tee shirt or tank top that can be tucked in. 

Can my nails be long?

We recommend that your finger and toe nails be trimmed. 

Where can I buy a leotard?

We have a select inventory of high-quality leotards in stock.  If we don't have the size you're looking for, we will gladly order it for you at no additional price.

How exactly do you infuse academic concepts into each class?

Teacher-coaches follow strategically designed lesson plans that introduce and reinforce relevant academic concepts, while children are engaged in gymnastics movements.  

For further information, kindly contact us