missed Classes

Tuition is payable in advance and nonrefundable. Any changes in program become effective upon the next billing date.  Missed classes may be made up SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. Please refer to our online schedule for your age group for current availability. If there are no classes available to suit your schedule, then that missed class is forfeited. Any classes not made up within two weeks of the absence are automatically forfeited. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL TO SCHEDULE A MAKE-UP CLASS. Missed make-up classes are ineligible for make-up. 

holiday closures

Holidays are not included in the price of tuition, which means when you pay for tuition you are not paying for closures. The instructional calendar does not include closures because the instructional minutes to cover for potential loss of days were included in the calendar, and therefore, excluded from the price of tuition. CLASSES MISSED DUE TO HOLIDAY CLOSURE AND SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR MAKE-UP. PLEASE REFER TO OUR WEBSITE FOR A CURRENT LIST OF HOLIDAY CLOSURES.


To disenroll and cancel automated payments under your agreement, you must email us with at least 48 hours notice prior to the end of your monthly billing cycle at Once tuition payment is processed, it is non-refundable because that spot was reserved for you for that month.


Please park on the street.  All spots in our parking lot are reserved for our neighbor businesses.

rules at Manakoa Gym

1.  Athletes may only come onto the floor or use the equipment when directed by a Manakoa Gym instructor.

2.  Food or liquids are only permitted outside by the benches.

3. No shoes are to be worn inside the facility. THIS INCLUDES PARENTS AND GUESTS USING THE BATHROOM.

4. All children who are not in class are to be supervised by their parents at all times. Children should be kept seated on the benches. CHILDREN ARE NOT TO RUN IN THE PARKING LOT OR PLAY ALONG THE SIDEWALK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to class? 

Water bottles may be placed in the cubby at the street entrance, or on the table at the parking lot entrance. 

What should be worn to class?

A leotard is required for girls. (Adult women, men, and boys need not wear a leotard.) Nails should be trimmed (finger nails and toe nails), feet clean, hair pulled back in a bun or a pony tail, and no dangling jewelry should be worn.Form fitting shorts and tank tops are recommended for adults.   For boys, it is recommended they wear shorts and tank top that can be tucked in. 

Where can I buy a leotard?

We have a select inventory of high-quality leotards in stock.  If we don't have the size you're looking for, we will gladly order it for you at no additional price.

How exactly do you infuse academic concepts into each class?

Teacher-coaches follow strategically designed lesson plans that introduce and reinforce relevant academic concepts, while children are engaged in gymnastics movements.  

For further information, kindly contact us