Adult Gymnastics Classes


Build strength

Increase flexibility

Improve digestion & overall health

Strengthen bones and muscles

Learn new skills

Gain confidence

Program Reviews

"I am in my thirty somethings, and with Coach Sarah and Joe's help I am able to do things I haven't done since I was a teenager...   They are both patient and very positive in their coaching, it's always a good time." –  Jennifer H.

"I've already seen a huge improvement in my balance and flexibility in just a few weeks of class.  I'm almost 40 and working on a back hand spring!  Yes, it's really happening!" –  Karen W. 

Adult Gymnastics Classes Offered

Yoga-nastics™:  A low intensity class focusing on increasing flexibility.

Fit-4-gymnastics™:  A high intensity class that focuses on building strength and developing beginning gymnastics skills.

Gymnastics:  A multi-intensity, skills-based class designed to increase flexibility, improve agility, and build strength.  This class is scaled to suit your ability level. 

New Class!

Get Active:  Transform your body, mind, and spirit with this low to medium intensity class that is designed to increase your circulation and metabolism.  This class combines aerobic movements, active and static stretching, light weight bearing exercises, and breathing techniques to help you stay healthy and active.

Class Schedule

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Regular anytime walk-in fee for 30 min. classes:  $10

Regular anytime walk-in fee for 60 min. classes:  $25