Kids After School Gymnastics Classes

We specialize in accelerating a gymnast's progress through a USAG junior olympic curriculum led by a former highly decorated NCAA collegiate gymnast and USAG professionally certified experienced coach.  Several of our classes are mixed skilled levels.  Kids progress at their own pace.  Those with an aptitude to progress faster are not held back or relegated to stay in a beginners class for entire sessions, which is why we don't do sessions.  Ours is a monthly program and gymnasts may start at any time.  Parents may select from 1hr. or 2 hr. classes one or multiple days per week. 

We strive to incorporate drills that foster the following benefits:

  • Team Spirit and Social Skills - Even though gymnastics is skill-based and progress is based on individual goals, there is a great deal of camaraderie among athletes who continuously encourage one another.

  • Discipline - Prompts conscious and mindful attention to living and training.

  • Time Management - Facilitates an awareness of time and timing.

  • Proprioception - Promotes space awareness and body movement coordination.

  • Outlet for Stress - Provides a healthy avenue to release stress.

  • Commitment & Decision Making - Sharpens mental acuity.

We teach skills, not tricks.  We focus on proper form, developing strength, and fostering discipline, which can only be accomplished with consistent attendance.

New Athletic Performance Training!

This gymnastics class focuses on increasing SPEED, AGILITY, COORDINATION, and developing STRENGTH and SPACE AWARENESS! 

Kids will learn competitive skills that are transferable to other sports like

football, basketball, diving, soccer, and more...

Kids will gain a competitive advantage.

7+ year-olds Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Several NFL players supplement their athletic training with gymnastics to gain a competitive edge.

Watch this young football player do a crazy backflip, one handed catch.  Learn to flip at Manakoa Gymnastics.

Gymnastics in basketball!  Learn to flip for basketball at Manakoa Gymnastics!

Gymnastics in soccer!

What our athletes are saying


"They encourage you to do better!" – Jordana Rodriguez, 12-year-old Manakoa gymnast. 

"Before this I couldn't do one pull up -- now I can do five," – Mason Harris, 11-year-old Manakoa gymnast.


What keiki learn

Keiki also learn handstands, tumbling passes, and many other gymnastics skills.

Keiki learn age/grade appropriate academic concepts.

They gain skills that are transferable to any sport.

They develop body awareness and improve motor skills.