Gymnastics Equipment

Manakoa Gymmastics features a state-of-the-art custom-made gymnastics floor system, a 10-ft. strip of tumbling trampoline track, a regulation-size beam, a climbing rope, and two non-cabled bar systems.  It is also equipped with a variety of landing and spotter mats.

Floor - Our floor system consists of spring-loaded Russian Birch wood floor panels, sloped foam border, and 2" cross-link polyethylene carpet bonded foam.  

Beam - Our beam meets USAG, NCAA, and NFHS competition specifications.  It is used at Regional and National Championships.

Bars - We have two different bars sets. The traditional cabled bars system and non cabled bars system. Both utilize a quick release system to allow a rapid change from men's single bar trainer to women's.  It is the perfect tool to use for teaching non-transitional and transitional bar skills, as well as elite bars skills.

Training Pits - Our pits are designed for maximum cushioning during the training of new skills.

ELITE Tumbling Trampoline - Our 20ft. tumbling trampoline is a training tool designed to improve strength and flexibility, aiding in the development of basic and advanced tumbling progressions.  The benefits include more repetition with less strain on the athletes body, improving air awareness and adding greater diversity in tumbling workouts.  The frame is made of the same high strength rectangular steel used of competitive apparatus and the bed is made of durable polypropylene with reinforced stitching.

Climbing Rope -  Constructed of top quality 1-1/2" (4cm) diameter manila rope, our climbing rope is ideal for strength training.

Training Mats - All of our AAI training mats are designed for  maximum cushioning during the training of new skills.

Landing Mats - Essential for skill development during training and practice sessions.