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Member Gymnast's Name
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Date of Birth
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Name of Parent or Guardian
Name of Parent or Guardian
If the individual named above is a minor, please provide parent’s or legal guardian’s name:
If you're signing up more than one gymnast (e.g. siblings or spouses), please indicate the number of members you will be paying for and your ohana discount will be applied on your invoice accordingly.
Name of 2nd additional gymnast
Name of 2nd additional gymnast
Date of Birth of 2nd additional Gymnast
Date of Birth of 2nd additional Gymnast
Gender of 2nd additional gymnast
Name of 3rd additional gymnast
Name of 3rd additional gymnast
Date of Birth of 3rd additional gymnast
Date of Birth of 3rd additional gymnast
Gender of 3rd additional gymnast
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Kindly select the number of times per week you are signing up for: Please note: If you wish to be evaluated for an Intermediate, Advanced, or for our Competitive Team Classes, please register for the customized plan.
PLEASE REFER THE CLASS SCHEDULE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE, then kindly write the day, or days, and respective start time for each day you are signing up for. If you're signing up for private lessons, please specify the date and time (Per previous email correspondence for available days and times).
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Pick a Start Date
Please indicate the day of your first class. First month's tuition is due upon submitting your registration. If tuition is not paid within one week, the space will not be reserved.
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Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact: Kindly provide the name and number of a trusted individual we may contact in case of an emergency.
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Emergency Contact Phone Number
Please provide any pertinent information regarding health status, developmental progress, and any special needs and efforts necessary to meet those needs in the space below. If none, please leave blank
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Intermediate and advanced classes need our coaches' approval to enroll.  If you wish to enroll in the intermediate or advanced classes, you may submit a request by emailing us at

The class schedule below is updated daily.