Tumbling & Gymnastics Classes

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Friday at 6:00 p.m. (Boys & Girls)

Classes are structured. If you want to learn a specific skill, we recommend private lessons.  If you have no tumbling experience, your pace and scale will be different than those with more experience and strength. Your strength, flexibility, and agility will also determine your scale.

Many beginners tend to have unrealistic expectations of what they can do and then discourage easily when they realize the extend of the technique and strength required for different skills. Thinking that you can do a back handspring in just a few practices without learning proper progressions and acquiring the subset skills necessary would be like thinking you can do a seven foot high jump in weeks, or running a four minute mile in a few months without any previous experience or training.

If you truly want to learn to tumble on the floor (not on the trampoline, which has a different feel and technique than floor tumbling), you’re willing to work hard and you have a positive attitude, you too can learn to tumble and will advance at your pace.

This gymnastics class focuses on teaching tumbling skills.

 It also teaches basic bars work and vault.

It is open to everyone who wants to get stronger and learn to tumble.  

Each skill has a required progression:

Headstands & Handstands

Cartwheels & Ariels

Front Handsprings & Back Handsprings

Bridge Kick-Overs & Back Walkovers

Front Tucks & Back Tucks

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Contact us for more information at manakoagym@gmail.com