Gymnastics Programs Offered

We offer gymnastics classes, gymnastics private lessons, and a morning program.  

Click on the following links to find out more about our  morning program our competitive team program and gymnastics private lessons to give you and/or your keiki a competitive edge.

Gymnastics Classes

Our classes are structured to enable each athlete to progress at their own pace.  Classes are taught by experienced, certified and background checked coaches (no underage or inexperienced coaches).  Consider that in gymnastics, the more practice you get the more progress you make.  Beginner athletes may consider joining more than one day a week to accelerate progress.  Please click here to learn more about our facility and staff.

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Competitive & Recreational Gymnastics for All Ages

Competitive & Recreational Gymnastics for All Ages

Important Class Information

What to Bring to Class

A water bottle (preferably a bottle with a straw attached to it to prevent spills) to hydrate throughout the lesson and a small towel to dry off sweat, which can be placed in one of the cubbies at the street entrance, or the side entrance. 

What to Wear to Class

A gymnastics leotard is required for girls.  A compression tank top is required for boys.  No tee shirts, skorts, tutus, or ruffled bathing suits allowed. Nails should be trimmed (finger nails and toe nails), hair pulled back in a bun or a pony tail, and no dangling jewelry should be worn.

Where to park

Please park on the street.  

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Monthly Tuition Rates

Small classes.  Experienced coaches.  No initiation fee, no annual membership fee, no other hidden fees, tax included.

1 hr. Walk-in/trial class = $25/gymnast - This single-class fee gets credited towards first month's tuition if continuing with enrollment the following week.

2 hr. Walk-in/trial class = $40/gymnast - This single-class fee gets credited towards first month's tuition if continuing with enrollment the following week.

1 Gymnast (beginner)- 1 hour a week = $95/month

1 Gymnast (beginner) - 2 hours a week = $150/month

1 Gymnast (intermediate/advanced) - 2 hours a week = $190/month

1 Gymnast - 30 Min. Private Lesson/s = $50/class

1 Gymnast - 60 Min. Private Lesson/s = $75/class

2 Gymnasts (beginners)- 1 hour a week = $150/month

2 Gymnasts (beginners) - 2 hours a week = $230/month

2 Gymnasts- 30 Min. Semi-Private Lesson/s = $90/class

2 Gymnasts - 60 Min. Semi-Private Lessons = $130/class

3 Gymnasts (beginners)- $210/month

Ala Carte Walk-in = $30/per class

Customized plan - please email us at for rate.

Competitive Team Try-Outs - If you’d like to be evaluated for eligibility to our competitive team, please read the information below.

Open Enrollment - Register Today!

Competitive GymnasticsTeam Try-Outs

You may register for a customized plan for a try-out to determine eligibility for an Advanced or Competitive Team class. Please email us for a quote at Evaluations are conducted by a team coach. Once the coach has evaluated skills, an appropriate schedule will be recommended at the end of the try-out. If you wish your daughter to be evaluated during a team class, please email us at for available team time trials. 

If the class you wish to enroll for is currently full and would like to be placed on the wait list, kindly email us at

2 hr. blocks for gymnasts with intermediate and/or advanced skills require a coach's approval and different rates may apply. For more information, please contact us at

Progress of a Beginner Gymnast

Our training at Manakoa Gymnastics stresses good form in every detail from the very start of a beginner’s training.  Our gymnasts move with a purpose and that purpose is to improve and to gain multi-skills.  When you think of progress, think of it as someone learning to read for the first time.  Think about the amount of time and effort it takes, as well as all the sub-skills needed to read (i.e. learning the alphabet, memorizing letter sounds and sight words, sounding out syllables, etc.).  The initial ability of the individual to learn these sub-skills also plays a factor (e.g. individuals with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or any other cognitive impediments).  Gymnastics progress is similar.  It depends on many factors. Individuals with average coordination will have a leg up on learning many of the sub-skills, but if they lack muscle strength, particularly upper body strength, then progress may take just a bit longer than someone with both excellent coordination and muscle strength. Upper body strength isn’t developed in any other sport to the extend it is developed and needed for gymnastics skills.  There’s also a flexibility factor, and someone with great muscular strength may need to work extra on coordination and flexibility and so on. However, even someone with poor coordination, strength, and flexibility practicing one day a week at Manakoa Gymnastics will show considerable improvement with our technique if they stick with it long enough to learn all the sub-skills. The most important aspect of a beginners training will be consistency and grit.  Grit has become a buzz word in many fields because it is considered the main factor that determines success.  For the latest research on what is grit and how to develop grit, click here to watch the 6 min. video explanation. 

"Adversity causes some to break; others to break records." William Arthur Ward.